Our Story


When Andrew Barnes, himself an Oenophile, noticed that modern wine lovers were increasingly sophisticated in their tastes and actively searching for fresh experiences, he saw an opportunity to fulfil his own desire to understand more about wine production; to explore different grape varieties and to stray a little from viticulture's well-worn paths.

Perhaps the fates conspired, because when Andrew and Charlotte purchased a home on the 'Island of Wine', Waiheke Island, they discovered that the land for what would become the Matiatia vineyard was in fact part of their backyard. It was this intimate piece of land that inspired the name Postage Stamp, and which is now the home of the label's first 'unexpected' grape variety, Marsanne Roussanne.

They went on to lease the View East Vineyard, itself a location rich with legacy and history. First planted by Daren and Bridgit Day in 2001, View East went on to create ten quality Syrah vintages before Daren sadly passed away in 2013.

They saw in Daren and Bridgit's story a spirit epitomising Waiheke Island's wine makers, and the land they put their hearts and souls into cultivating. Debuting under Postage Stamp from View East was the new Waiheke Rosé, Genevieve Rosé 2016, which is named after Andrew's daughter.

Delamore Estate Wine Labels, part of the Coulthard Barnes group of businesses, is the holding company for the Postage Stamp range of wines.