Prospect Merlot Cabernet 2021
Our position near the turbulent Tasman Sea, and the cool dry Pacific Ocean can create some uncertainty with our weather. So, the founding wineries to Waiheke Island looked to France for inspiration. Bordeaux, a prestigious appellation is also subject to unpredictable summers. To adapt the planting ‘siblings’, who ripen under different conditions and times not only overcome vintage variation but capitalise on it. Resulting in wines with a rich history of personifying the vintage.

Our Prospect 2021 is a masterful blend of three classic varietals, each contributing its unique characteristics to this exceptional wine:

Merlot: Adds approachability and softness, making this blend inviting and easy to enjoy.
Cabernet Sauvignon: Provides structure and depth, along with rich black fruit flavors and subtle olive notes.
Cabernet Franc: Infuses the blend with spicy nuances and underlying savoury elements, adding complexity and intrigue
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